Our Story 

Our Story
Since our founding in 2002, Ramona Rampage has grown in size and knowledge. In the beginning , Team 1159 started with only six girls in Mrs. Flagan's garage. Now, we have since moved into our school's old science building, and have over thirty members. Although our location and size has changed, this team is still dedicated to innovation, education, and unwavering professionalism. 
Previous FRC Games
2005: Triple Play
Objective: place tetrahedrons on top and inside of goals 
2006: Aim High
Objective: shooting, pushing, and rolling balls into a goal
2007: Rack N' Roll   
Objective: placing rings on a rack 
2008: Overdrive    
Objective: race around the track, lift and push track balls past the finish line, and place balls back on the rack
2009: Lunacy  
Objective: score balls in a trailer (container connected to a robot) of the opposing team
2010: Breakaway
Objective: kicking/rolling balls into at different distances, and defend climbing, and defend climbing tower
2011: Logo Motion
Objective: place inflated shapes on racks to make the FRC logo, and deploy mini bots to climb the pole
2012: Rebound Rumble
Objective: score as many hoops at different heights, and balance on the bridge
2013: Ultimate Ascent
Objective: score discs into a goal, and climb a pyramid
2014: Aerial Assist
Objective: cooperate with your alliance to score balls in the high and low goals 
2015: Recycle Rush
Objective: build stacks of containers and recycle litter
2016: Stronghold
Objective: breach opponent's defenses, weaken their tower by scoring boulders, and capture towers by climbing
2017: Steamworks 
Objective: collect fuel by scoring balls, install gears to engage rotors, and climbing
2018: Power Up
Objective: control the switch and the scale by placing power cubes for points, and climbing  
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