Our Mentors
Aulikki Flagan

Aulikki Flagan earned a B.S. in Medical Technology at the University of Helsinki, a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Materials Science at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, a M.A. in Education at California State University, Northridge, and a M.S. in Zoology at Miami University. In 2017, she received the Distinguished Teaching Award Grant from the Fulbright Scholarship Foundation which allowed her to travel to Finland for six months so that she could understand the success of the Finnish education system and see how teachers are trained to motivate students to excel in academics, especially in the sciences. In addition to her extensive schooling, she is a published author with seven research papers to her name in addition to a short book discussing her time observing Finnish teaching methods. Founding the team in 2002, she is the Faculty Administrator and a mentor who oversees all aspects of the team. Mrs. Flagan became a mentor to give girls a chance to participate in science competitions, because she wishes them to take advantage of the opportunities that she never received as a child. In 2016, she was nominated for and became the Woodie Flowers Award Finalist at the San Diego Regional. She enjoys being a mentor, because she likes to interact with students and encourage girls to enter STEM career fields. 

Vincent Yip

Vincent Yip studied Electrical Engineering at Cal State Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona. He started to mentor the Ramona Rampage team in 2010 when his eldest daughter, Teresa, joined robotics. Mr. Yip mentors the Build and Electronics Teams as well as helping with developing prototypes. To him, the most fulfilling part of robotics is passing down his knowledge to the students. He enjoys seeing the girls learn and even make mistakes, explaining failure is a learning opportunity. In a world with few female engineers, Mr. Yip would like to see more women in the STEM fields, and he works to help inspire and foster a love of engineering in the robotics students. Currently, he enjoys working as a mentor alongside his daughter, Catherine, another mentor and an alumna of the robotics team. Together, they combine their respective knowledge about electrical engineering and mechanical engineering to better mentor the team.

Catherine Yip

Catherine Yip attended the University of Rochester where she studied Mechanical Engineering. She is a mentor who helps with mechanical and design areas as well as administrative management. As a mentor, she finds it rewarding to see students working on their tasks and interests, especially when captains efficiently distribute the work and when new members take initiative to get involved. As an engineer and Ramona alumna, Ms. Yip wants other girls to know that nothing is impossible and that pursuing a career in a STEM field is a good opportunity. Ramona Rampage has made an enormous impact on her life, positively affecting her life beyond high school and inspiring her to pursue engineering in college. Even now, being a mentor for Ramona Rampage is changing her life as she continues to learn about students’ needs, tasks, and accomplishments from year to year.

Joe De La Rosa

Joe De La Rosa is a mentor who utilizes his  woodworking experience to build the field pieces for the competition and devotes plenty of time to the Snack Bar, helping raise funds for the team. After his granddaughter joined the team in 2015, he was inspired to become a mentor where he enjoys sharing the hands-on building experience with the girls and seeing their excited reactions when they are successful. Mr. De La Rosa likes inspiring girls to go into STEM because of the significant advancements in science and technology since his childhood that has empowered girls to pursue their interests in those fields. He especially sees the benefits of participating in robotics in his granddaughter who has been given opportunities to learn other knowledge and skills outside of the high school curriculum. Besides the girls, he feels that even the mentors are learning from their participation, saying that he has been able to become more involved over the years due to the knowledge and sense of enjoyment he has gained from mentoring the club.

Amy Moreno

Amy Moreno studied Biochemistry at UCLA with a focus on Biochemical Research. She mentors both the Ramona Rampage Mechanics and Build Teams. As a Ramona alumna, she wanted to help the team with the challenge, and coming back as a mentor has reminded her of the fun of FRC. To her, high school is a crucial moment in a person's life, and it is very humbling for her to be an influential factor in their life decisions. Ms. Moreno finds it satisfying to inspire someone to be more adventurous in science. She enjoys being a mentor, because she is able to pass on the knowledge she picked up during her time on the team, finding it rewarding to get the next generation of young female scientists excited about a future in STEM. She feels it is important to see women in STEM fields, because it shows curious, young girls that going into STEM is an opportunity that is available to them. Although her focus in college was not in Engineering, she graduated with a degree in another STEM field, and she hopes this will inspire girls in FRC to explore the world of science. She is overjoyed by the idea that she could be a young girl's inspiration, or even a small factor, to pursue a career in science.

Nelson Garzon

Nelson Garzon earned a B.A. in Electrical Engineering at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and a M.A. in Electrical Engineering at USC in addition to taking additional programming courses. He mentors the Programming Team, teaching the girls how to program in LabVIEW. Mr. Garzon was encouraged to become a mentor by his daughter who joined the team in 2018. In addition to mentoring the robotics team, he routinely speaks to engineering students from the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at CSULB and teaches LabVIEW to engineers at his work whenever necessary. Mr. Garzon likes working alongside with Ramona students, seeing all the work and excitement that goes into building a robot. Being a mentor, he feels inspired by the girls’ hard work and dedication.

Matthew Shun
Matthew Shun is a new mentor to the Ramona Rampage team.  He studied Civil Engineering in college but has acquired a lot of practical knowledge through his experience working various jobs. He became a mentor to give back and expose the younger generation to various careers by sharing his experiences. Originally leading only project management, he was drawn to the build team and now assists in creating the training ground and the robot as well. Although Mr. Shun mentors the students of Ramona Rampage, he learns from the girls as well. He enjoys seeing the team learn and tackle challenging problems. Mr. Shun believes that Ramona Rampage is a foundational stepping stone leading the young ladies to not just the STEM field but also encouraging responsibility and respect in all parts of their lives.  

Veronica De La Rosa
Veronica De La Rosa handles the Public Relations, Media, and Spirit Team of Ramona Rampage with Cynthia Wong. Mrs. De La Rosa studied Economics in college and has been a Parent Volunteer and Team Mom for four years and a mentor for two years. Vanessa, her daughter and Ramona Rampage’s team captain, is Mrs. De La Rosa’s main reason for becoming involved in robotics. She has always had a strong interest in being able to inspire and motivate other young girls to break barriers by pursuing their passions and careers in STEM. She enjoys seeing team members work together as they showcase their creativity and leadership, but most importantly, she loves how empowered the girls become through the team experience of Ramona Rampage. Mrs. De La Rosa feels it is an honor and privilege to inspire girls to go into the STEM fields.
Cynthia Wong

Cynthia Wong handles the Public Relations, Media, and Spirit Team of Ramona Rampage with Veronica De La Rosa. Mrs. Wong has a B.A. in Graphic Design and an M.A. in Educational Administration. Her daughter, Alynne, encouraged her to be a Parent Volunteer and Team Mom. She decided to join because she loves seeing the passion her daughter and the team has for engineering. Mrs. Wong loves seeing the girls work hard to develop their ideas and designs while being a part of the excitement that comes with competing. She enjoys being a mentor for Ramona Rampage, because it allows her to be an active parent who helps students develop leadership skills as she makes a difference in the lives of the members. Mrs. Wong believes that Ramona Rampage is a community of girls who love to work together, compete, and support one another as they strive for excellence.

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