Why Safety?
Safety is an integral part of robotics. We prioritize the safety of our members and our mentors among all other things. Prior to kickoff, we require our members to undergo various training sessions and safety workshops. The goal of these workshops is for our members to familiarize themselves with our facilities, tools, and safety rules. Below is a list of rules that we require everyone on our team to follow.
Safety Rules at Competition and in the Workroom
  1. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eye protection, at all times in the workroom and in the pit
  2. Closed-toed shoes should be worn at all times, and hazardous clothing, such as dangling sweater cords, jewelry, ripped jeans, etc. should be avoided
  3. Running and horseplay is not permitted at any time
  4. Hair should be tied up and away from the face
  5. Gloves should be worn when necessary (such as when working with heat)
  6. Always work on robot when it is de-energized
  7. Always vent any compressed air outside, and open the main vent valve. Verify that all pressure gauges on the robot indicate zero pressure (for pneumatics) 
  8. When done using any tool, always turn it completely off or take out the battery
  9. DO NOT carry sharp tools in pockets, and make sure they are stored safely (with a safety guard if necessary)
  10. DO NOT "daisy chain" electrical wires (plug a power strip into another power strip) because they can cause electrical fires or electrical shock
  11. Always inspect batteries before usage and DO NOT take a chance on old, unsafe batteries 
  12. Make sure that the robot is stable on the cart when transporting
  13. At competition, DO NOT climb over field railing or bang on driver station windows
  14. Make sure the robot is properly secured if you must work underneath it. NEVER work on the robot if you or the robot is on an unstable surface
  15. Have a positive attitude even in the heat of competition, and treat other teams with gracious professionalism :)
"Safety Wars"
 2020 Safety Video